About nancy

About Nancy Little, Ph.D., ACC

Since I first headed off to college, I’ve been looking for Home. Home, I knew, would call me to a niche where I could use my analytical strengths to generate questions, where colleagues would reply in possibilities. Home, I also knew, meant seeing more of the world.

Raised in St. Louis, among an academic family and towering University columns, I found myself pushing back against the system. What certainly looked like dysregulation, was the byproduct of my awkward and painful striving.

The last of my family to leave St. Louis, I traveled through Colorado, Wisconsin, only to land steadfastly in Oregon. Before leaving St. Louis, I completed my doctorate in Educational Leadership. Before leaving Wisconsin, I completed the University’s Professional Coaching Program. Here, in this subarctic winter, I immersed myself in the space of a keenly sensitive and altruistic leader. I had the first experience of my adulthood with deep emotional safety.

Now viscerally aware of this new terminal, my life called upon me to revisit every decision that preceded this moment! I protested at every turn, but determined, kept my eyes open. No decisions right now. Waiting, I let 2 messages frame my awareness:
In biology, the period of anthesis, the opening of the flower bud, leads to the growth of a specific set of possibilities. Additionally, Christakis’ metaphor of the shell shape (p113) “. . . allow[s] us to imagine the myriad of forms human societies could conceivably take and help[s] us understand why so few of these forms have actually arisen,” Blueprint, 113.

I studied the nuances of language, the connotations, the denotative vocabulary, and my reactions. Furthering my organic development, I walked. And I am still walking. I notice details within my environment, I see patterns in the images I collect, I wonder about impossibilities, then put these ideas aside. My most powerful question to myself is no longer why, but where?

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