Narrate. Prioritize. Focus. Simplify

Designed to Live in Community, We Honor Ourselves

Together, we create a space for reviewing narrative and motivations. From there we find a pain-point and work together towards healing. Now recognized and heard by the Self, notice the new ways your most important decisions feel grounded.

Who We Help

With life’s bumpy roads and unexpected challenges, it might not take long to feel discouraged. Overwhelmed. Stuck. Emotionally trapped, the impact might show up in secondary consequences of decisions or relationships.

How We Help

Coaching can offer you the space to back up. Rest. Reflect. Together, let’s consider some tools and insights that can pull you out of that trap.

Why We Help

As you experience Self at this new – higher volume – so, too, will your relationship to Self, Other, and community shift.



(In)Tangible Innovations provides that space for listening to the voices, both aligned and discordant within your memories. Through the process of review and illumination you will gain new clarity about embracing the guide at the headwaters of your here-and-now.


Striving for balance, coaches consult with one another to heighten their experience and sensitivity in service of the client. Through review and neural rewiring, rechecking with our own internal systems, we yield to the lessons of community, practice, feedback, and learning.

About Nancy Little, Ph.D., ACC

Since I first headed off to college, I’ve been looking for Home. Home, I knew, would call me to a niche where I could use my analytical strengths to generate questions, where colleagues would reply in possibilities. Home, I also knew, meant seeing more of the world.

Raised in St. Louis, among an academic family and towering University columns, I found myself pushing back against the system. What certainly looked like dysregulation, was the byproduct of my awkward and painful striving.

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